Container Deposit Scheme coming soon to Manningham

19 Sep 2023
Healthy Community Resilient Environment

From November, new reverse vending machines (RVMs) will open across Manningham, meaning we'll soon be able to recycle in an even bigger way. 

Once registered you'll be able to stop by one of these machines, deposit our eligible containers and reap rewards. Each eligible container will earn a refund of ten cents. It's a great way for sporting clubs, community groups and not for profit organisations to also get involved and start fundraising. 

The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS Vic) is a State Government initiative, as part of the Recycling Victoria Policy. CDS Vic will reduce one of the most littered items, beverage containers. It's a win-win - you'll get something back while also reducing waste going to landfill. 

Once the CDS Vic is operating, everyone who has registered will be able to deposit all eligible containers at RVMs across Manningham - with a total capacity of about 33,000 daily containers.

The Scheme will also help us achieve our Climate Emergency Action Plan goal of net zero community emissions by 2035. 

For further information on the Container Deposit Scheme visit CDS Vic website.