Council submission on Bulleen Precinct Land use Framework Plan

31 Mar 2021
Well Governed Council

At its meeting last week, Manningham Council has outlined its submission on the Victorian Government’s draft Bulleen Precinct Land use Framework Plan and proposed planning scheme amendment aimed at redeveloping part of the Yarra Valley Country Club in Bulleen.

Council’s submission includes general support for the framework and a recommendation not to proceed with the proposed planning scheme amendment in its current form. The objective of the land use framework aligns well with Council’s aspirations for protection of the Yarra River corridor and enhancement of open space, more recreation spaces and universal access for the public to this key environmental corridor in Metropolitan Melbourne.

The submission was made to the Yarra River – Bulleen Precinct Advisory Committee, which was appointed by the Minister for Planning to advise on the framework and proposed planning scheme Amendment C125, when it convened from 18 January to 1 March 2021.

Council’s submission was informed and presented in line with its presentations to the committee hearing for the North East Link Project, which will have significant impact on the Bulleen area.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Andrew Conlon, said Council’s submission to the committee outlined the potential impacts and options for land use in the Bulleen area.

“While we support the intention of the proposed Bulleen Precinct Land Use Framework, we have concerns over the proposed planning scheme amendment to redevelop part of the Yarra Valley Country Club in Bulleen. 

Amendment C125 to the Manningham Planning Scheme proposed to redevelop part of the Yarra Valley Country Club at 9 to 15 Templestowe Road for residential purposes. It includes transferring the northern part of the site to a public authority for public open space purposes.

“We know there is community benefits in creating more open space in this area of Bulleen, however our submission raised our concerns over development in a sensitive and highly valued river valley landscape,” Cr Conlon said.

In its submission, supported expert witnesses commenting on planning, visual impact, ecology, stormwater management and traffic, Council has determined that Amendment C125 in its current form has a number of issues and recommends it does not proceed.

To view the livestream of this meeting and read Council’s full submission as part of the Council meeting minutes, visit