Council’s committed to protecting Bulleen’s historical River Red Gum

6 May 2019
Resilient Environment

Statement from Mayor Cr Paula Piccinini

Manningham Council is committed to protecting and preserving our city’s environmental and cultural heritage. The River Red Gum located at 39 Bridge Street is culturally and environmentally significant to Manningham. The tree is over 300 years old, pre-dates European settlement in Manningham and is an important example of our environmental heritage.

To date the River Red Gum has been protected with a heritage overlay and is registered as a significant tree in the National Trust. Over the years, Council has taken steps to preserve and protect the tree. The tree serves as a local landmark for the community, is remnant of an ancient landscape and of value to the Wurundjeri people.

Council is calling on NELP to consider redesigning the road around this significant tree. The NEL EES does not outline why the road cannot go around or under the tree and it is unclear if removing this tree is just a cost cutting exercise. A tree of such significant environmental and cultural significance deserves to be preserved and protected for the enjoyment of many generations to come.

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