Data cyber security incident and Manningham after hours service

19 Apr 2024
Well Governed Council

Manningham Council has been made aware of a cyber security incident involving OracleCMS who manage customer calls to Council out of hours.

When people call Manningham Council after hours, OracleCMS takes the call on our behalf. Depending on the nature of the call, they may collect personal information, including the caller’s name, phone number, email and address.

An unauthorised third party has gained access to a portion of OracleCMS’ data and published files online. Oracle CMS is working with government authorities and a cyber security expert to secure their systems and investigate the incident.

Manningham Council customer contact details may have been accessed. This is limited to the names, phone numbers and some property addresses for customers who have called Council outside of business hours. Most importantly, OracleCMS does not have access to any of our databases, so any information we have stored in our system has not been accessed.

As soon as OracleCMS identify who has been impacted, customers will be contacted directly and provided with advice and guidance to reduce the risk of their information being misused. 

We have instructed OracleCMS not to collect any customer information and to transfer any urgent requests directly to our on call staff until further notice.

We take the security of our customer's information very seriously and apologise for the concern this may cause our customers. We will provide updates as they come to hand.

Stay Cyber Safe

We will never contact you to ask for usernames or passwords. If a third party may have accessed your contact information, it is important to do the following:

  • be aware of telephone and text-based scams
  • do not share your personal information with anyone unless you are confident about who you are sharing it with
  • if you are asked to login, check the web address located in the address bar and if you are suspicious contact the entity through the usual channels to ensure you are logging into a legitimate website 
  • enable multi-factor authentication for your online accounts where possible, including your email, banking, and social media
  • ensure you have up-to-date anti-virus software installed on any device you use to access your online accounts
  • check the strength of your passwords.

For more information, follow the guidance from the Victorian Government on how to recover from a data breach.