Economic Development Strategy sets the scene for a thriving and resilient Manningham

5 Oct 2023
Vibrant and Prosperous Economy

Our new Economic Development Strategy (EDS) is a six-year plan to support businesses and employment in Manningham. 

It addresses the significant changes in the business and employment environment, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, global economic trends, and exploring opportunities for new investment in Manningham.

The business and wider community contributed to the development of the EDS with final feedback incorporated prior to the Strategy being endorsed by Council at its September meeting.

Con Valsamis is the President of the Jackson Court Traders Association and said the EDS would help local businesses and their networks build a vibrant city.

“We appreciate support provided as part of Manningham Council’s Economic Development Strategy. Our Association welcomes opportunities to further build local business and a sense of community,” Mr Valsamis said.

“The last few years have really affected most of the traders in Jackson Court, but we still have a fantastic spot and the vision for Jackson Court is to continue to make the shopping strip a vibrant and inviting mixed cultural destination for Manningham. The Economic Development Strategy will help us do that.”

The EDS is based around six themes:

Local businesses and their networks

  • To foster local enterprise and build business networks.

Accessible vibrant places

  • Create vibrant and high-quality centres that support local businesses.
  • Derive economic benefit from shifts to working from home as residents choose to shop and pursue recreation locally instead of elsewhere.
  • Develop an evening-economy with restaurants, bars and events and celebrate local creativity, arts, and culture.

Landscapes and lifestyle

  • Develop a compelling visitor offer.
  • Support the sensitive and sustainable use of the green wedge while celebrating and retaining its environmental assets and liveability.

Room for growth

  • Ensure a supply of best-practice commercial and industrial land for industry growth.

An economy for climate change

  • Take advantage of de-carbonisation and circular economy trends for industry development and adapt to climate change.

Inclusive economy

  • Support an inclusive economy with pathways into employment.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Deirdre Diamante said as part of the strategy, Council would facilitate, advocate for, and implement projects, programs, and campaigns to create a vibrant and prosperous economy.

“Thanks to everyone who contributed to this planned vision to enhance our economy, support connectivity and provide genuine opportunities for growth in Manningham,” Cr Diamante said.

“In the final version of the EDS, we addressed your feedback including that Council should develop a permanent local co-working space, address a shortage of industrial space and celebrate unique local businesses.”

The EDS is supported by an action plan that is innovative and practical to deliver. Priorities are targeted, realistic and achievable, setting the scene for a bright future in Manningham.

The Strategy’s success will be measured by its impact on economic growth, employment opportunities, community wellbeing, and environmental sustainability. It serves as a roadmap for stakeholders to collaborate and work towards a thriving and resilient local economy.

  • Economic Development Strategy 2023-2028
    Economic Development Strategy 2023-2028
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