Five Council-funded positions available for the Play Like a Girl leadership development program

10 May 2022
Healthy Community

We’re funding five young women to participate in the Play Like a Girl leadership development program in June this year.

The program, developed by Victoria’s own athlete Holly Bailey, is the first in Australia to guide young females’ personal and professional journeys through a sports lens. Any young Manningham females aged 16 and over who participate in sports are encouraged to apply.

68% of young people’s mental health worsened during lock-down, with young women reporting higher loneliness, social anxiety and depressive symptoms than men. By supporting young women’s access to this program, Council hopes to provide an environment where young women can come together, reconnect and embrace being female in sports.

Following a five-step blueprint, participants build a toolbox of mindset and self-belief strategies they can use in any arena they want to make their mark. Encouraged to be playful, expressive and vibrant, these women train their brains, not only their bodies, so they can play to their full potential when it counts.

“I’d spent years not embracing my feminine traits,” says Holly.

“It was a huge lesson, and I don’t want any other girls to waste potential and ambition by closing down parts of themselves. Really embracing those parts I suppressed is now my greatest strengths”.

The program includes a 12-month membership to the Play Like a Girl community and five weeks of online content, including videos, workbooks and resources and weekly one-hour group mentoring sessions. The participant will also receive a copy of The Victress Book.

You can find out more at the Play Like a Girl website or take four minutes to apply now. Applications close on 10 June 2022.