Footpath construction: Blackburn Road service road, Doncaster East

26 May 2023
Liveable Places and Spaces Doncaster East

Connecting our community through safe footpaths is one of the ways we’re building a better Manningham.

As part of our 2022-23 Capital Works Program, we’re constructing a footpath along Blackburn Road service road in Doncaster East, to improve safety and accessibility. 


Where is it?

We will construct the footpath along the western side of the Blackburn Road service road between Maxia Road and the Blackburn Road school crossing to the north.


A satellite view map with line markings showing the location of the proposed footpath along Blackburn Road service road, Doncaster East


Why is the footpath needed?

To improve pedestrian and traffic safety around the Beverly Hills Primary School, and reduce congestion on the road during school pick up and drop off times.  

The footpath will also accommodate the installation of a drainage pipe, which will provide the residential properties with a formal drainage point of discharge.


When will the works happen?

The project is expected to commence in late June 2023 and will take one month to complete.

If delays occur due to poor weather or unexpected events, we will let you know.


How will the works affect me?

Once works begin, please allow extra time for travelling safely through the area and follow directions indicated by signage and traffic controllers.

Sometimes work will take place directly in the driveways of residential properties and within the road carriageway. At these times, there may be no vehicular access to some properties. Pedestrian access to properties will be maintained for the duration of the project.

There may occasionally be a need to close pedestrian and/or vehicular access to the school via the road. If this is necessary, we will try to work outside drop off and pick up hours.

We will contact residents and the school directly to discuss timing and disruptions closer to works beginning.

We will make every effort to reduce any inconvenience to residents, motorists and pedestrians as we progress this project, including attempting to schedule the majority of works during the school holidays.

Thank you for your patience while we plan and undertake these important works.



If you have any questions about these works or our footpaths program, contact us.