Help shape the future of Manningham

1 Feb 2021
Well Governed Council

Manningham Council is looking for community members from across Manningham to join a new community panel and help guide the direction of its strategic plans for the future.

You can now register your interest to join the new pioneering community panel that will play a crucial role in shaping recommendations to Council for the Council Plan, Community Vision, Asset Plan and Financial Plan.

Manningham Mayor Cr Andrew Conlon said registrations for the new community panel are now open and close on Monday 1 March.

“Anyone can participate. If you work, live, study, or play in Manningham and have ideas for the future of our city then we want to hear from you.

“The panel will be representative of our community. I encourage everyone to register to get involved – the panel will come together for sessions during March and is a great opportunity to meet new people, discuss ideas and plan for our future.

“As a group, the panel will learn about, discuss and consider feedback from recent community surveys to make collective recommendations to Council on the key priorities for our major strategic documents.

“We want to make sure we have a panel that represents the shared priorities, aspirations and values of our local community. So be sure to register your interest to get involved today,” Cr Conlon said.

The community panel will meet for a number of sessions during March 2021. These will be held on weekends or evenings during the week.

If you are looking to be a part of the panel, you will be asked about your background and relationship to Manningham. The panel will be randomly selected from those that register their interest to ensure that the group is representative of the voices in our diverse community.

Register your interest by:

Submissions close on Monday 1 March 2021.

The new community panel is part of Council’s commitment to deliberative decision-making, an exciting new approach that governments worldwide are adopting and using to engage community members.

The development of Manningham’s Council Plan, Community Vision, Asset Plan and Financial Plan are a crucial part of planning for the future.

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