Iftar Islamic Fire Rescue Victoria Event

27 Apr 2022
Healthy Community

On Wednesday 13 April, we hosted an Iftar dinner breaking the daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan. The evening was a chance to strengthen bonds with various community groups. The event was held in partnership with the United Muslim Migrant Association (UMMA) and Fire Rescue Victoria.

We learnt the importance of daily fasting, how it enriches Muslim lives and the many ways of observing prayer. The call to prayer was also shared with those in attendance.

We were privileged to take part in this deep and meaningful event. Members of the community joined our Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors, along with emergency services and members of State Parliament.

The UMMA reached out to Fire Rescue Victoria to organise the event. Their aim is to help the Islamic community be better prepared for an emergency event. 

The theme of the evening was 'community partnerships'. Members of the Country Fire Authority, Fire Rescue Victoria, Victoria Police, State Emergency Service and Australian Red Cross came together to continue building long-lasting friendships and resilience.

We thank Steven Mole and Frank Yaman from Fire Rescue Victoria, and Amad Kazi, Executive and Chairperson of the UMMA, for making the event possible.