Local Government Minister announces nine wards for Manningham

9 Jul 2020
Well Governed Council

The Minister for Local Government has announced the new electoral structure for Manningham. The new structure was gazetted today and will apply to the 24 October Council election.  Manningham will now have nine single Councillor wards, a change from three wards with three Councillors each.

The new ward names are:

  • Bolin Ward
  • Ruffey Ward
  • Tullamore Ward
  • Westerfolds Ward
  • Waldau Ward
  • Schramm Ward
  • Currawong Ward
  • Manna Ward
  • Yarra Ward.

The Minister for Local Government selected the ward names, taking into consideration feedback received via community consultation undertaken by Manningham Council in May this year.

In total Council received over 160 contributions on ward names in Manningham during community consultation, with a strong preference toward names that reflected Manningham’s connections to the area’s history and future.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Paul McLeish said “We’re disappointed that the timeframe given to us by the former Minister for Local Government didn’t allow us enough time to engage the Wurundjeri Land Council on names for Manningham’s new wards.”

“In the future Council would like to engage further with the Wurundjeri Land Council to consider appropriate, permanent Indigenous names to be put forward to the current Minister for consideration.”

MAP: Ward boundaries are indicative only.


Map showing the 9 new ward boundaries of Manningham

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