Make your change

31 Oct 2023
Resilient Environment

CDS Vic (operated by recycling operator, Visy) provides a 10c refund to Victorians for every eligible drink container returned.

By participating, you can contribute towards:

  • creating clean streams of recycling
  • reducing litter
  • earning change for yourself, your community and charities

CDS Vic is delivering the scheme as part of the Victorian Government's $515 million investment to transform the state's waste and recycling sector. Funded by contributions from the beverage industry, the scheme will contribute to Victoria's target of diverting 80 per cent of all material away from landfill by 2030.

How to make a return

Across Manningham, you can now return your eligible containers at over-the-counter refund points located within local businesses and organisations.

Depending on the type of refund point, you can opt to receive the refund as cash, a retail voucher or an electronic refund into your bank account. You can set up the electronic refund into your bank account through the CDS Vic North app (downloadable on smart phones) or donate directly to your community organisation of choice. 

Learn more about Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme at the CDS Vic website.

Find your nearest refund locations.