Manningham Art Gallery Presents Model Urban Exhibition

28 Aug 2015
Liveable Places and Spaces

Coming to the Manningham Art Gallery this September, Model Urban presents a series of modelled urban worlds that are both realistic and fantastical, as well as probable and impossible.

If you’ve ever paused to imagine your dream home or remember whiling away hours building scale-models as a child, if you enjoy constructing whole cities of toy blocks with your children, or if you prefer the original Star Wars films to the new ones... Model Urban is an exhibition you will appreciate.

Including artworks by Daniel Agdag, Daniel Crooks, Sally Darlison, Daniel Dorall, Greer Honeywill, Llawella Lewis and Susan Robey, the exhibition examines themes of memory, personal aspiration and travel in the context of the architectural and topographical character of our cities.

The works reveal the artists’ distinctive and sometimes very personal ways of thinking about the urban landscapes in which they live.

Model Urban is an exhibition that invites both playful and serious consideration of how we dream about and visualise cities and towns of the future.

Public Programs

Up-cycled Urbanity

Saturday 12 September, 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm

Using a selection of recycled materials, build a wacky, fantastical building for your city of the future.

Cost: $5.00. For ages 6-10.

Bookings essential as places are limited. To book phone 9840 9382.

Artist Floortalk

Saturday 19 September, 2.00 pm

Artists from Model Urban reflect on the urban environments, buildings and art that inspire their lives and work.

Bookings: 9840 9382.