Manningham Litter Bugs Asked to Clean Up Their Act

20 Aug 2014
Healthy Community

Manningham Council has recently noticed a spike in the number of residents and businesses misusing street litter bins in the municipality.

This has resulted in the unsightly overflow of bins, and litter to spill onto streets and nearby properties.

Street litter bins are only provided for the disposal of small items, such as drink containers, food packaging and cigarette butts.

Under the Environment Protection Act, it is an offence to dump household or commercial waste into or next to a street litter bin.

Anyone caught dumping waste illegally at a street litter bin may receive an on the spot fine of $295.

Manningham Council understands from time to time residents will have excess litter from a house party or special event. In these cases, residents are asked to dispose of their excess waste at either the Banyule Waste Recovery Centre or the Whitehorse Recycling and Waste Transfer Centre for a one off charge; however excess recyclables can be disposed of for free.

If excess rubbish is being generated on a regular basis, residents and businesses can upgrade their bin options by calling Council’s Waste Management Officers on 9846 0579. 

Residents who witness anyone dumping waste illegally or littering, are asked to record the location, date, time and other important details (e.g. car registration) and report it to the Manningham Litter Watch hotline 1800 NO LITTER (1800 665 488).