Manningham Street Light LED Replacement Program

21 Mar 2017
Resilient Environment

The streets lights of Manningham are now shining more sustainably thanks to a switch to energy efficient technology.

More than 6,000 street lights were replaced across the municipality in 2017 as part of Council’s $2.4m Street Light LED Replacement Program.

The original street lights were mostly 80 watt mercury vapours, and accounted for a large portion of Council’s greenhouse gas emissions and budget every year.

Improving the energy efficiency of public lighting within the municipality of Manningham was identified as a key strategic action in the

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 and the

9.1 Endorsement of Carbon Abatement Plan (CAP)
9.1 Endorsement of Carbon Abatement Plan (CAP)
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 where the goals are to: Improve energy and carbon efficiency by 20 per cent by 2020; and move towards zero net emissions

The old 50, 80 and 125 watt mercury vapour lights were replaced with energy efficient LED or light emitting diode luminaires that use up to 84 per cent less electricity but have about the same light output.

The efficiency of these LEDs means the project will have significant savings for Council in electricity and maintenance costs. The emissions reduction is equivalent to taking more than 300 cars off the road for an entire year. Up until 2017, this is Council’s largest energy and emissions saving project that we have ever embarked on.

These new street lights will also increase lighting quality, with more light being directed toward the ground where it is needed.


Streetlight Replacement Map in Manningham