Message from our Mayor and Councillors

5 Feb 2021
Well Governed Council

Summer holidays are now over for many of us and we have well and truly embarked on this new year by starting many of the plans and projects that we anticipate will bring about a happy and productive 2021.

At Council, we have just launched a very exciting new initiative to help us guide our strategic direction for the next four years and we want you to be a part of it.

Increasingly, governments worldwide have been using deliberative decision-making involving community members to guide their strategic thinking, and so we are very excited to be incorporating this innovative approach as a pivotal part of our efforts to plan for the future of Manningham.

We are forming a brand new community panel that will represent the views and voices of all who live in our diverse community. If you work, live, study, or play in Manningham and have ideas for the future of our city then we want to hear from you.

The panel will come together for sessions during March and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, discuss ideas and plan for our future. Registrations close on Monday 1 March so register your interest today.

The Fire Danger Period has just been declared for Manningham and I know many of you have been busy cleaning up your properties and ensuring your Emergency Plans are ready and up-to-date.

I invite everyone located in the Bushfire Prone Area to take advantage of the two weekends we are running this month to help you clean your properties of excess garden waste. These two free disposal days are in addition to those we ran in late November last year.

Despite the lack of restrictions in some areas, it is still important to ensure your property is prepared, and with large amounts of growth experienced this year, and more rain and growth expected this summer season, your property maintenance should be ongoing.

I firmly believe this approach helps not only protect your own house and property, but helps foster a strong community spirit as it helps protect those around your neighbourhood as well. I encourage all residents to manage your properties year round to prepare for emergencies, including fire, storm and flood.

I wish you all the best,

Cr Andrew Conlon