Mullum Mullum Trail tree maintenance works

27 May 2022
Well Governed Council

We have a permit request in place to undertake proactive tree works along the Mullum Mullum Trail.

The planned works involve the removal and pruning of trees along the trail. The works are a necessary part of our proactive tree management program in line with Manningham’s Tree Management Plan.

Our tree works wouldn't usually need a planning permit. These tree works need a permit because they involve sensitive conservation areas that need to be protected.

In addition to assessments undertaken by our staff, an independent arborist was engaged to review the trail. This review supported the proposal to remove or prune some of the trees as a risk management process to reduce the chance of limb drop or tree failure.

To offset the loss of around 100 trees more than 2,000 advanced trees and 14,000 will be planted in the coming year, as part of our annual planting program. There are currently over 500,000 trees on the Mullum Mullum trail so the biodiversity impacts are relatively small, and the tree planting program will significantly offset the loss of canopy as a result of these works.

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