Neighbourhood Watch encourages friendly communities

8 Apr 2020
Healthy Community

With so much changing in our daily lives and communities, our neighbours can be friendly and familiar faces in these uncertain times and offer important support even if it’s just a wave from across the street or a friendly smile.

With this in mind, Manningham Neighbourhood Watch is encouraging ways we can nurture a feeling of community among our neighbours, even from a distance.

Give your neighbour a wave
This is easy and it works even better with a smile.

Call out “Hello” to your neighbour
Even if English isn’t their first language, your neighbour will understand. A smile helps here too.

Keep an eye on your neighbours
Where appropriate, regularly check in on your neighbours and their property. When you need the police but not the sirens, please call 131 444. Ring the police immediately on 000 if anybody suspicious comes onto their property.

Share emergency phone numbers and email addresses with your neighbour
Ensure that you know who to contact if there is an emergency affecting your neighbour or their property. Provide the same information to your neighbour so they know who to contact if there is an emergency affecting you.

Offer to set up a WhatsApp or similar electronic link for residents of your street
Once you are sharing contact information with your immediate neighbours, and they are doing the same, offer to set up an electronic link to contact each other. This can assist in the case of emergencies and help build a community socially.

Visit Manningham Neighbourhood Watch to find out more.