New simple check-in when you visit us

5 Feb 2021
Well Governed Council

A new self service check-in system is now in place at our Civic Centre and Depot to help improve your experience as customers, enhance contact tracing for COVID-19 and keep our community safe.

Visitors to these buildings who intend to stay for 15 minutes or more will need to sign in via an easy to use iPad kiosk, QR code or smart phone app.

In addition to improved contact tracing, our new check-in system enables visitors to print badges and photo IDs and automatically notify staff when they’ve arrived via email and SMS – this can significantly reduce your waiting time and avoid long queues.

If you visit us frequently, you can also check-in using your smartphone by downloading the Sine Pro app from the App Store and Google Play.

Your privacy

Manningham Council is committed to protecting your privacy. We are collecting your personal information for the purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing and well as for building security and emergency management purposes.

We are required to request contact details and maintain records of those who have attended our facilities at the direction of the Victorian Chief Health Officer. The information we collect may be disclosed to public health authorities to assist in any future contact tracing for COVID-19 or for other site security or emergency response purposes.

The provision of your personal information is a condition of entry into Council facilities. If you do not wish to have your photo taken, please see the Citizen Connect staff. You have a right to access and correct your personal information held by Council. For more information call 9840 9333 or visit