North East Link judicial review update

15 Jul 2020
Well Governed Council

Manningham Council has reached an agreement with the Victorian Government and the North East Link Project (NELP) and has withdrawn from the judicial review process.

Following constructive, rigorous negotiations, our concerns around the North East Link (NEL) reference design have been substantially addressed.

We commenced legal action because we believed the reference design did not provide enough certainty about the impacts it had on our community.

With a signed agreement from NELP now in place, we will have more input into the process and will be meaningfully consulted on the works and designs, and so we are satisfied that the concerns of our community have been listened to.

By participating in the judicial review process and as a result of our strong community advocacy, we have been able to negotiate key outcomes and significant projects for the benefit of our community including:

  • Enhanced protection of open space
  • More support and certainly for local sporting clubs
  • Continued access to the Yarra River frontage
  • Significant improvements to local traffic conditions
  • Funding for improved pedestrian and bike access
  • Funding for further investigations into the potential redevelopment of land at Websters Rd as a future employment site

We are finalising the legal process and more information will be forthcoming.