Online theatre in Warrandyte

11 Nov 2020
Liveable Places and Spaces

This year of remarkable change and upheaval has rendered obsolete all previous plans - theatres have shut and the power turned off.  Behind the scenes, companies have innovated; play readings and rehearsals have gone online and the theatre community has stayed connected and active.  Not only that but companies are collaborating, something which was most unlikely prior to 2020.

In a historic year, the Coronavirus pandemic will be well documented in a number of ways but, what better way than to create a piece of theatre and then stage it via an online media platform. The latest piece of theatre by Warrandyte Theatre Company in collaboration with Ballarat National Theatre mirrors the experience of huge numbers of us who have now become familiar with this mode of delivery.

Emma Wood, a recently arrived playwright (she became a Warrandyte resident just in time to be locked down), has compiled the script following hundreds of responses to questions she posed on Facebook. Over a two-week period during the second lockdown, respondents posted their answers, their feelings and frustrations. Some quirky, many passionate, some sad, some on the grumpy side, but many of them optimistic.

“2020 Vision” was written during the second lockdown in Victoria and, documents in live performance a candid depiction of pandemic experiences with nine actors from Melbourne and Ballarat.

Directed by Susan Rundle and Adrian Rice, join us for the opportunity to watch an important theatre event from the comfort of your own living room. 


2020 Vision

  • 8.00pm, 27 and 28 November
  • Join via Zoom
  • Tickets $5.00