Our COVID-19 community relief package

29 Apr 2020
Healthy Community

The pandemic has had a significant impact on our community from a health, wellbeing and financial perspective.

In response and to provide support during this time, we have a series of relief measures available via our COVID-19 Community Relief Package.

Since the pandemic began, we have provided community financial relief of approximately $4.6M. To provide continued support to our community as we slowly move out of lockdowns and restrictions and into the recovery phase, we are providing a further relief measure of $1.5M, to continue assisting those most in need in our community.

Business Support

An allocation of $250,000 will go towards business support including:

  • $140,000 will be used to offset 25 per cent of business permits. These include Food, Health and Beauty, A-Frame signage and Footpath Trading – Display of Goods. This discount will be automatically applied to all relevant permits on renewal.
  • $100,000 will support a range of programs, training and mentoring targeting specific business needs. Businesses are encouraged to reach out to the Business team via business@manningham.vic.gov.au to discuss their immediate needs.
  • $10,000 will help to support an extended #BuyLocalManningham campaign. Find out more about Buy Local.  

Relief for clubs and community groups

An allocation of $230,000 will support the immediate needs of our not-for-profit community based organisations, with grants up to $30,000 available. Funds are limited and organisations are encouraged to contact the Community Grants team at grants@manningham.vic.gov.au to apply.

Support for recreation clubs of $260,000 will go towards:

  • The return of community based sports, to support clubs through fee waivers. This waiver will be based on the length of time sport was unable to be played due to lockdowns or similar impacts.
  • Financial support to assist clubs with the cost of COVID Safe requirements such as sanitiser, signage, vaccination checks and QR code compliance.
  • An accredited Mental Health First Aid course for club representatives to participate in.
  • A development program to educate and support sporting clubs and volunteers to assist with running of their clubs.

Rent relief

An amount of $460,000 rent relief for commercial tenants and a further $300,000 rent relief and other financial support for community group tenants including recreation club tenants.

For more information on the Community Relief Package announced at the 26 October Council meeting.