Plugging into the future

23 May 2024
Healthy Community Resilient Environment

With electric vehicle (EV) sales accelerating, rising by 160 per cent last year (2023), our community is requesting more public places to charge them.  

At Manningham Council, we’re exploring opportunities that offer convenience, including the potential for charging hubs at key commercial precincts and visitor destinations.

Our recent EV survey revealed 75 per cent of respondents would like to see more public charging stations around Manningham as 40 per cent of EV drivers depend on public charging facilities.

We’re investigating the installation of universal EV chargers that run on 100 per cent renewable energy and meet strict safety standards.

The focus is to leverage private sector investment to foster a sustainable service model where costs are covered by users rather than ratepayers. Under this model, third party providers design, supply, install and operate the chargers.

This is all part of our commitment to reduce community transport emissions by 2035 through better public transport, easier access to car sharing and providing charging infrastructure for all electric vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters. We’re leading the way at Council, by transitioning our work vehicles to electric. We already have more than 40 hybrid and fully electric cars in our fleet.

Keep an eye on our website for further details on public EV charging infrastructure in the coming months.

To find a full list of current EV charging stations visit the Australian EV charger map.