Political and election signs

24 Feb 2022
Well Governed Council

Updated 25 February 2022

The following information reflects Council's position on the use of signage by candidates at Federal, State and Local government elections.

Manningham’s Community Local Law requires approval before any signage is placed in any public place, space or on Manningham’s footpaths or roads. 

However, to maintain Council’s neutrality during an election period, applications to erect electoral signage on public land will not be supported.  Any electoral related signs erected on Council land may be impounded.  Infringements may also be issued to anybody who breaches the Local Law.

Locations for electoral signs

Private property

Under the planning scheme a planning permit is not required to display an electoral sign on private land that promotes an election candidate provided all the following are met:

  • only one sign is erected on the site
  • the area of the sign does not exceed 5 square metres
  • the sign is not animated or internally illuminated
  • the sign must not be displayed for longer than three months or 14 days after the event is held.

If these criteria are not met, a planning permit will be required before the display of any signage on private land. 

Displaying a sign before obtaining a planning permit may result in significant penalties being issued under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to the owner of the land and to the person who erects the sign.

Mobile signage

Signage on vehicles, trailers and/or caravans must be attached to a moving vehicle. When parked these may require additional approvals.

Council property

No signage is permitted on any Council properties and/or at any Council facilities.

To discuss any requirements for election signage beyond these specifications, please contact us.

For more information on the Manningham Community Local Law, visit Guiding legislations (LGA and our Local Law).