Projects and maintenance works during COVID-19

11 Sep 2020
Well Governed Council

Remote learning and stay-at-home orders have given us the opportunity to complete necessary maintenance and upgrades to our venues – with minimum disruptions to the community.

Templestowe Bowls Club

The Templestowe Bowls Club had significant leaks and water issues, resulting in floor damage. We’ve excavated and installed drainage to remove water from both sides of the retaining wall, clear the leaf catchers, fixed leaks and repaired broken and blocked storm water pipes.

Currently we have de-humidifiers to help bring the floor moisture down to level seven and eight before repairing and resurfacing the floor. Other works at the bowls club include removal and replacement works with rainwater tanks and fences.

Yarraleen Preschool

Urgent and extensive works including a complete sewer replacement, reinstatement of foot paths, fencing and reconfiguring of storage and play equipment were required in June.  

As the pre-school was an essential service and remained open, we had to complete all works within the two-weeks school holidays period