Recycle Right and be Rewarded

10 Oct 2014
Resilient Environment

Manningham residents who do the right thing and sort their recyclables have the chance to go into a weekly prize draw.

Manningham Council has launched the ‘Recycling Right’ campaign to ensure residents do not waste their recycling efforts.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Jim Grivokostopoulos, said while the majority of residents know what can and cannot go into the recycle bin there are still items that slip through the gaps.

“It’s important that all recyclable items are placed into the bin loosely. Any recyclables put into plastic bags go straight to landfill as they cannot be sorted due to occupational, health and safety concerns.”

During the ‘Recycling Right’ campaign, Council approved bin inspectors will identify residents who have sorted their recyclables to a high standard by placing a postcard in their letterbox.

All residents then need to do is fill in their details and send the postcard back to Council for their chance to win a $50 gift voucher.

Cr Grivokostopoulos said the campaign aims to improve recycling habits in Manningham and reward those already on the right track.

“Recycling is a simple way for residents to help the environment and I would encourage everyone to take a little bit more time and effort when sorting their recycling in the future.”

The ‘Recycling Right’ campaign runs until 30 June, 2016.

You can view a full list of competition terms and conditions below.