Review of the Doncaster Hill Strategy

18 Dec 2019
Well Governed Council

The Doncaster Hill Strategy sets out Council’s existing vision for Doncaster Hill to establish a contemporary, sustainable, high-density, mixed-use village that enhances the social, environmental, economic and cultural elements of the region.

The current strategy sets out a vision up to 2020 to facilitate the achievement of a range of targets for residential, commercial and retail uses. As it is nearly at the end of its policy cycle, there is a need to ensure that appropriate policy guidance is provided for an activity centre that plays a key role within the context of Manningham’s future growth and change.

Since inception of the strategy, Doncaster Hill has experienced significant land-use change, with the population increasing by 29 per cent between 2001 and 2016. As of 2019, a total of approximately 1,770 apartments have been constructed and permits have been issued for an additional 1,000 apartments. A significant $500M expansion of the Westfield Doncaster regional shopping centre is also being proposed, highlighting the current success of and confidence in the attraction of Doncaster Hill.

Consultants have been engaged to assist Council is preparing a new Doncaster Hill Framework Plan to deliver an urban design vision for Doncaster Hill and guide future use and development that responds to current and future community needs.

We have commenced the review by assessing the performance of the existing Strategy to better understand gaps and opportunities to continue to improve and enhance liveability within Doncaster Hill. 

As part of this process, residents will have their opportunity to provide feedback on the draft new Doncaster Hill Framework Plan.


  • The Doncaster Hill Strategy (2002, revised 2004)
    The Doncaster Hill Strategy (2002, revised 2004)
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