The Sky After Rain - Midsumma takes centre stage at Manningham

15 Jan 2020
Liveable Places and Spaces

Manningham Art Gallery’s first exhibition of 2020 is now on and brings a bit of Midsumma to Manningham.  

Presented in partnership with the Midsumma Festival, The Sky After Rain exhibition explores the overarching themes of identity, gender, family, forgiveness, resilience, hope, love and loss. 

The exhibition explores the unique stigmas and attitudes LGBTIQ people can face by telling the stories of three queer Iranians and their lived-experiences of their self-journey to understanding and accepting their identity while testing gender boundaries.  

This thoughtful exploration is brought to life through an amalgamation of recorded videos, audio recordings, poetry, moving images, sound design and dance.

Manningham is a diverse community and aims to create a community that is inclusive of all people no matter their age, cultural background, gender or sexual preference.

Manningham Council wants to encourage conversations and support those who identify as LGBTIQ in our community.

The Sky After Rain was created by Blame the Shadows Collective and proudly supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, Access Health and Community and Manningham Council’s Community Grant Program. 

The exhibition’s key partner, Access Health and Community, provides support to LGBTIQ young people from diverse backgrounds and can be contacted via

All members of the community are invited to the official opening: 

Thursday 23 January 
6.00pm to 8.00pm
Manningham Art Gallery 
687 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
The Sky After Rain is showing until Sunday 2 February.

For more information visit