When in Lockdown art reveals silver linings

18 Sep 2020
Liveable Places and Spaces

One of the silver linings of the past few difficult months has been the often beautiful, joyous poignant and occasionally quirky artworks we’ve seen as part of the Arts Manningham project When in Lockdown.

When in Lockdown is one way artists and budding artists in our community have been documenting their experience of living through the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated periods of lockdown.

Local artist Irma Koulouris submitted the piece featured above called Geraniums are Underrated, completed in pencil and gouache and digitally altered. In her submission, Ms Koulouris explained:

“Staying within my radius has provided me with an opportunity to re-examine and re-appreciate domestic suburban spaces. Restrictions have provided me with time to observe gardens and houses within my vicinity in a new way. The Geranium is a symbol, an often overlooked one, of Melburnian gardens. It is very nostalgic, with an indescribable warm, potent scent that is unlike anything else. The viridescent camouflage is everywhere and we never notice it. an ode to the Geranium.”

When in Lockdown welcomes submissions of original works of visual art, writing, music, sound art, performance and design.

Over the coming months, selected works will be shared our webpage, social media channels and Manningham Matters. Artists of the works that are selected and shared will receive an artist fee of $150 for their submission.

We’re also looking for workshop ideas that can be run online as part of the project. Please provide workshop proposals with your artwork submission.

To find out more about the project visit When in Lockdown or Arts Manningham’s Facebook page.