100 Acres Reserve

Bushland area
Dogs on lead
Walking trails

The 100 Acres Reserve is 41 hectares and classified as a Conservation Reserve of Regional significance. The Reserve also provides a range of recreation opportunities in a natural bush setting including walking, jogging, dog walking, horse riding and nature appreciation.

A review of The 100 Acres Reserve Management Plan (1996) was completed in 2010 and improvements include continuing to improve the Reserve’s biodiversity, weed and pest control programs, protection of rare or threatened flora species, path upgrades, signage and changes to dog controls in high conservation areas.

Pedestrian Links

  • Knees Road (Domeney Reserve carpark) 
  • Arundel Road
  • Berringa Road
  • Wirth Road

Bring your dog

Dogs on lead except the identified area of environmental significance in the north west corner of the Reserve where dogs are prohibited.

Paths and trails

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  • 100% Special - The 100 Acres Walk
    100% Special - The 100 Acres Walk
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Fire safety at The 100 Acres Reserve

All Manningham reserves are closed on days of total fire ban, or higher extreme or catastrophic Fire Danger Rating. Visiting a reserve on these days places you at risk and potentially in danger.

To check the current Fire Danger Rating or find out if it’s a total fire ban day, go to the CFA website

CFA's Fire Danger Rating scale, a half circle comprised of four coloured wedges titled moderate, high, extreme and catastrophic

Report an issue

Please let us know if you notice anything unsafe, like a broken tree branch or damaged playground.   

What we do to reduce fire risk at The 100 Acres Reserve

Finer fuels such as leaf litter, tree branches and twigs raise the level of risk within reserves. Large fallen trees require a much higher level of heat to burn and provide habitats for native wildlife.

Here are some actions we take throughout the year to reduce the fire risk at this reserve:

  • create and maintain fuel breaks within the reserve
  • maintain grass heights with slashing, brush cutting and tractors year round
  • remove fine fuels such as loose and fallen branches
  • annual inspection and maintenance of Fire Access Tracks, to ensure emergency service vehicles can access the reserve
  • inspect access points, gates and locks

We manage 20 per cent of the land in Manningham, but the other 66 per cent is privately owned. Visit the CFA website for information on how to prepare your private property for fire.

Safer Together

Watch the video below to learn more about:

  • different types of vegetation
  • how a fire may behave within the reserve
  • how to prepare for a fire



  • 100 Acres Reserve Management Plan
    100 Acres Reserve Management Plan
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