Astelot Reserve

Dogs on lead
Drinking water

Astelot Reserve playground has a fun spaceship theme including a double wave slide, climbing opportunities, spinner and a swing set. The Reserve is located on the corner of The Glen and contains a stand of mature pine trees.

There is also a picnic table, drink fountain and enough open space to kick a ball around.

Suitable age group: 2 to 10 years


Astelot Reserve playspace upgrade

As part of our Playspace Development Program, we're upgrading Astelot Reserve. This park was identified for renewal due to its age, condition and use. In addition to play units for children of varying ages, we're proposing a path circuit that will provide opportunities to walk around the whole park. 

What's included in the upgrade?

The upgrade will include:

  •  a new play unit with slide and monkey bars  
  • a spinner 
  • new seating, picnic table and drinking fountain
  • a circuit path, bridge and stairs 
  • artwork.

When will it be done?

We expect construction to begin later in 2023.

More information

Astelot Reserve Upgrade - Concept Design
Astelot Reserve Upgrade - Concept Design
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For more information, view the concept design or go to Astelot Reserve Upgrade on YourSay.