Currawong Bush Park

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This is a great place for kids to explore and immerse themselves in the outside world.

Discover the sculptures dotted around the trails in the bush. Landscapers, sculptors and artists have helped create a natural play space for kids to explore at Currawong Bush Park. Can you spot the kangaroo? Play in the woven cubby, curl up in the giant nest or count the ants the echidna is about to eat.

See if you can spot the native birds, lizards and frogs on your adventure, or maybe you will be lucky enough to catch sight of a  wombat, or koala. 

Stay for a bite to eat and enjoy a picnic in the bush, or cook up a feast using the onsite barbecue.

Places and spaces

There are many tracks around the park to explore on foot. Our self-guided walks will familiarise you with different areas such as the scar tree and the billabong:

  • All Manna of Gums Walking Guide – Takes you along the Mullum Mullum Creek via the Mullum Mullum Trail and Currawong Bush Park
  • Currawong Bush Park Walks are a series of eight walks, each focusing on different aspects of the reserve. All of these walks start and finish at Currawong bush Park. Downloading the audio guides will enhance your Currawong experience
  • Mullum Mullum Trail is popular with nature loving cyclists and walkers. The trail runs on the other side of the Mullum Mullum Creek and is connected to Currawong Bush Park with a pedestrian bridge just north of Reynolds Road.
  • Conference Centre available for hire for your next functions, meetings or seminars

Getting there and car parking

You can park your car at one of the two carparks from the Reynolds Road entrance.

  • The first carpark is at the top of the driveway and is closest to the conference centre.
  • The second carpark is closer to the park, you will find the carpark further along the road.

Walk to the park and enjoy the surroundings. Cross the pedestrian bridge near the Mullum Mullum Trail north of Reynolds Road. This track forms part of a 4.5 kilometer circuit walk through the park or for a shortcut, take the driveway to the central area.

Take the bike and use the pedestrian bridge from the Mullum Mullum Trail and the vehicle track from Arnold Drive. To protect the park and animals that live here, you can only use bikes on vehicle tracks.

Please also check the weather before arriving, the park will be closed on total fire bans days.

Please don't bring your dog

Dogs are not allowed at Currawong Bush Park because it is a protected habitat.

Paths and trails

  • All Manna of Gums - Currawong Bush Park to Mullum Mullum Creek Walk
    All Manna of Gums - Currawong Bush Park to Mullum Mullum Creek Walk
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  • Big Busy Bushland Trail
    Big Busy Bushland Trail
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Fire safety at Currawong Bush Park

All Manningham reserves are closed on days of total fire ban, or higher extreme or catastrophic Fire Danger Rating. Visiting a reserve on these days places you at risk and potentially in danger.

To check the current Fire Danger Rating or find out if it’s a total fire ban day, go to the CFA website

CFA's Fire Danger Rating scale, a half circle comprised of four coloured wedges titled moderate, high, extreme and catastrophic

Report an issue

Please let us know if you notice anything unsafe, like a broken tree branch or damaged playground.   

What we do to reduce fire risk at Currawong Bush Park

Finer fuels such as leaf litter, tree branches and twigs raise the level of risk within reserves. Large fallen trees require a much higher level of heat to burn and provide habitats for native wildlife.

Here are some actions we take throughout the year to reduce the fire risk at this reserve:

  • create and maintain fuel breaks within the reserve
  • maintain grass heights with slashing, brush cutting and tractors year round
  • remove fine fuels such as loose and fallen branches
  • annual inspection and maintenance of Fire Access Tracks, to ensure emergency service vehicles can access the reserve
  • inspect access points, gates and locks

We manage 20 per cent of the land in Manningham, but the other 66 per cent is privately owned. Visit the CFA website for information on how to prepare your private property for fire.

Safer Together

Watch the video below to learn more about:

  • different types of vegetation
  • how a fire may behave within the reserve
  • how to prepare for a fire