Maxia Reserve

Dogs on lead

Maxia Reserve provides a pedestrian link from local streets into Beverley Hills Primary School. The reserve contains a fun and colourful playground which the adjacent primary school contributed to through painting the infill panels of the main unit.

Suitable age group: 2 to 8 years


Maxia Reserve playspace upgrade

We’re renewing the playspace at Maxia Reserve as part of our open space capital works program.

What's included in the upgrade?

The new playspace will have:

  •  a combination unit with slides, monkey bars, climbing cube and balancing beam 
  •  a four-person rocker 
  • a single rocker 
  • a spinner 
  • a swing set 
  • a new concrete pad and picnic table 
  • a new bench seat 
  • new trees and small garden beds 
  •  mudstone rocks and timber logs. 

When will it be done?

Construction is expected to begin in May 2023, taking around four to five weeks to complete.

More information

Maxia Reserve Upgrade - Concept Design
Maxia Reserve Upgrade - Concept Design
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For more information, view the concept design or contact us.