Ruffey Trail

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This ride explores Ruffey Lake Park and the Ruffey Creek Linear Park.

There is a large sign marking the beginning of the Ruffey Trail at The Boulevarde in Ruffey Lake Park.

From here, a ramp takes the cyclist to an underpass at King Street and again at Williamsons Road. 

Follow the Ruffey Trail signage until it finishes at Finns Reserve and joins the Main Yarra Trail.

At Finns Reserve, the Ruffey Trail connects with the following trails:

  • Main Yarra Trail to Westerfolds Park (northeast) and Southbank (southwest)

  • Plenty River Trail to Greensborough (Western Ring Road Trail)


  • A choice of three Ruffey Lake Park carparks in Victoria Street, The Boulevarde or Church Road

  • Finns Reserve, Duncan St, Templestowe Lower


3 kilometres




Sealed paths with on road sections. Suitable for all bicycle types.

Take care

  • Eumeralla Avenue is a local road which has no footpath or trail

  • Use the pedestrian refuge at the Foote Street on-road crossing. The Trail continues a short distance along Mclachlan Street and turn left onto Parker Street

  • There is an on-road crossing at Parker Street, Templestowe and the Trail picks up again next to the Templestowe Bowling Club carpark


Places and spaces

  • Ruffey Lake Park - Adventure playgrounds, picnic shelters, BBQs, lake and wetlands, toilets and drinking water.

  • Finns Reserve - Picnic shelter, BBQs, playground, Yarra River access, toilets and drinking water.

  • Westerfolds Park - BBQs, picnic shelter, wetlands and Yarra River Observation Deck, toilets and drinking water.

  • Detour to Templestowe Village - cafes, restaurants, supermarket