Developing in Doncaster Hill

To achieve our vision of a high quality, sustainable urban design environment, Doncaster Hill has a number of unique processes in place - in addition to the Manningham Planning Scheme provisions.

The tools below are designed to help you navigate more efficiently through the planning permit application process when developing in Doncaster Hill.

Download the development contributions levy

A Development Contribution Plan (DCP) is a mechanism used to levy new development for financial contributions to planned community infrastructure, such as libraries, pedestrian and cycling paths, streetscape improvements and public art.

If a condition of a Planning Permit requires payment of a Development Contribution Levy, an invoice for payment of the levy can be requested by emailing

  • doncaster-hill-development-contributions-plan-february-2005
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  • Doncaster Hill Development Contribution Plan 23-24
    Doncaster Hill Development Contribution Plan 23-24
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View construction specifications for the boulevard

Find out about the boulevard construction specifications for developments located along Doncaster, Williamsons and Tram Roads (including the ceding of land to Council).

View specifications

Submit a Construction Management Plan

Find out how we manage the protection of neighbourhood amenity and assets during construction

Submit plan

Supply a 3D model visualisation

All new major developments planned within Doncaster Hill are now required to supply a 3D building file of the proposed development.

Supply model

Download the current development status report

Doncaster Hill has undergone significant transformation since the Doncaster Hill Strategy was introduced in 2004 with a number of completed developments, under construction or review.

  • doncaster-hill-development-map-update-november-2019
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Plumbing guidelines for Doncaster Hill

Guidelines have been produced in partnership with Victorian Water Retailers to assist developers and plumbers installing compliant pipework to meet Water Authority connection requirements and to address planning conditions that meet our sustainability and stormwaters requirements.

  • recycled-water-guidelines
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  • consultants-fact-sheet-rainwater-and-recycled-water-in-highrise
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  • plumbers-_fact-sheet-_rainwater-and-recycled-water-in-highrise
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View requirements for water initiatives

Every planning permit issued within Doncaster Hill will include conditions for the submission of a Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) which achieves best practice outcomes. The SMP addresses a range of matters including water, energy and indoor environment quality.

With respect to water, it is a permit condition that the development must connect to Yarra Water’s recycled water and meet our stormwater objectives.