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There is a legal process to enable the planning scheme to be amended. You can find the recent changes to our planning scheme below.

How the amendment process works

  1. Council meeting

    Resolution to seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare and exhibit an amendment

  2. Authorisation may or may not be granted by the Minister for Planning, or may granted subject to conditions. 

  3. Public exhibition

    Opportunity for the public, and other key stakeholders, to make a written submission in support of, or objection, to the proposed amendment

  4. Council meeting

    Consideration of all written submissions. Council must then decide to either:

    • change the amendment in the manner requested
    • refer submissions to an independent Panel for review
    • abandon all or part of the amendment
  5. Panel hearing

    Consideration of the submissions by an independent Panel, appointed by the Minister for Planning

  6. Council Meeting

    Consideration of the Panel's findings and recommendations. Council must then decide to either:

    • adopt the amendment (with or without changes), or
    • abandon all or part of the amendment
  7. Submission of final adopted amendment by Council to the Minister for Planning for approval

  8. Minister for Planning approves or refuses the amendment

Recently approved amendments

Select the amendment name to view more details:

Number Amendment name Date approved
C127mann         Chapelhill, Doncaster 8 September 2022
C131mann Doncaster Hill Major Activity Centre 28 January 2021
C104 Westfield Development Plan 23 May 2019
C117mann Manningham Rural Areas 20 September 2019
C109 Review of Flooding Controls 10 October 2019
C122 Miscellaneous changes to the scheme 16 May 2019
C123 Proposed Public Open Space Contribution Rates 19 April 2018

To view all planning scheme amendments, you can:

  1. Download the list of all Manningham Planning Scheme amendments to find the number you need.
  2. Search for your amendment on the planning scheme amendment finder

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