City Nature Challenge - Ecology Walk

Join wildlife ecologist John Harris as we undertake a biodiversity survey of 100 Acres Reserve. This community biodiversity survey is part of the global City Nature Challenge (CNC).

How to participate

It is free, easy, and fun to get involved.

Bring your mobile phone or digital camera to take pictures of the wild plants, animals and fungi you see, or make sound recordings of frog or bird calls.

Any observations taken over the four days, need to be uploaded to iNaturalist and included in the City Nature Challenge 2023.

To prepare for the guided walks and talks:

  • install the iNaturalist app on your mobile phone and create an iNaturalist account
  • make sure your phone battery is fully charged on the day
  • wear weather-appropriate clothing, bring a rain/wind-proof jacket, and wear safe, fully-enclosed walking shoes to go in long grass
  • bring your own drink bottle and snacks
  • become a member of the Melbourne City Nature Challenge project to discover nature in our neighbourhoods

About the City Nature Challenge

The City Nature Challenge runs from Friday 28 April to Monday 1 May 2023.

In this worldwide BioBlitz, cities compete to make the most observations of the most species by the most people.

Manningham is collaborating with over 25 local governments to form the Greater Melbourne project.

Last year Greater Melbourne came 33rd from 445 cities for the number of observations made. Hume City came fourth amongst the other local government areas.