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1 Aug 2022
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Together with carsharing service GoGet, we launched a car share trial in Doncaster Hill in 2022. 

Following its success, the initial 18-month trial has now been extended until July 2025.

This service provides a more sustainable transport option and alternative to private car ownership. It will help reduce:

  • car dependency
  • traffic congestion
  • parking demand
  • greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you know?

  • 70 per cent of residents travel to work via Car (as driver)

  • 62 per cent of households in Manningham having access to two or more vehicles, compared to 51% in Greater Melbourne.

  • 47 per cent of short trips are taken by private vehicle  

*Car Dependency (Manningham Transport Action Plan 2021)


How does GoGet carsharing work?

The GoGet carshare service offers individuals the opportunity to hire vehicles on demand for short periods of time.

You can register with GoGet, pay a fee and book a car either by phone or on the internet.

It takes about five minutes to complete the application to become a GoGet member

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Is there a carshare vehicle located near me?

There are six carshare vehicles located at various locations in Doncaster Hill.

Doncaster Hill is an ideal location for a car-sharing service given its:

  • accessibility
  • proximity to other transport modes
  • housing density
  • safety and general operation.

Vehicles are picked up and dropped off at carshare bays nearest to your location.

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More information

For more information visit www.goget.com.au/manningham


    We've developed a number of guiding transport documents to help us identify and meet the needs of Manningham's evolving transport network including the Liveable City Strategy 2040

    • Doncaster Hill Mode Shift Plan
      Doncaster Hill Mode Shift Plan
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    • Manningham Transport Action Plan
      Manningham Transport Action Plan
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