Advocating for our community as part of the North East Link Program

30 Oct 2023
Liveable Places and Spaces


Council has provided a submission to the Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) for the first stage of the Eastern Freeway Upgrades, as part of the North East Link Program (NELP).

We have provided recommendations throughout the submission that aim to improve the overall design and net community benefit for Manningham residents.

Our submission identifies various matters in the UDLP for attention by NELP and reiterates Council’s strong and ongoing advocacy to ensure:

  • no net loss of open space results from the project
  • pedestrian connectivity is maintained and improved, and;
  • noise walls meet the expectations of our community to protect amenity.

We have also included recommendations to the design around Estelle Street in Bulleen and Outhwaite Avenue and Park Avenue in Doncaster to ensure the amenity of adjoining residents is considered.

Our detailed submission also focuses on key areas across:

  • traffic and transport
  • environmental impacts
  • open space
  • amenity
  • other considerations.

We lodged our submission in October 2023.

For more information, please download the Urban Design and Landscape Plan submission.

Manningham Submission NELP South Package UDLP October 2023
Manningham Submission NELP South Package UDLP October 2023
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For more information and to view the UDLP, visit Eastern Freeway Upgrades on Engage Victoria

What’s next?

North East Link Program will consider all written comments and submissions received, then finalise the UDLP and submit it to the Minister for Planning for approval.

After the Minister for Planning has approved the UDLP, the community will be updated on how feedback was considered.

The design of the Doncaster Park & Ride facility is not part of this UDLP, and will be subject to a separate UDLP process at a later date.

While North East Link refines the design for the Eastern Freeway Upgrades from Burke Road to Tram Road through this UDLP – you’ll start see the team setting up construction compounds for workers and preparing to build the connection to the North East Link Tunnels.

You can read more on the Big Build website and sign up to receive email updates.

UDLPs for the remaining stages of the Eastern Freeway Upgrades, from Hoddle Street to Burke Road, and from Tram Road to Springvale Road, will be on exhibition from 2024.