Building our resilience through water management

24 Apr 2023
Resilient Environment

We’re inviting the community to help prepare for Manningham’s future by sharing how you use and conserve water, and why it’s important to you via ‘Manningham's water future’ survey.

Take Manningham's water future survey

We rely on water for our personal health and household needs, as well as for creating and sustaining the ecosystems. It's integral to food production, energy, health and wellbeing, economic activity, social stability and human life. 

Southern Australia is forecast to receive less annual rainfall, reducing water availability from water supply catchments and increasing drought risk.

Conversely, the changing rainfall patterns are also anticipated to bring greater intensity rainfall events, which will increase flood risk.

Your responses will help us better understand community views, priorities, needs and expectations relating to Manningham’s water. We will also use this information to inform how we engage with and deliver information to you on water matters in the future. 

We’re undertaking various flood and stormwater management initiatives, aimed at building a more resilient and liveable Manningham. Part of this work includes developing a draft Integrated Water Management Strategy, which will be available for public exhibition in mid-2024. This strategy will respond to emerging water risks and challenges and identify opportunities to adapt to a more water constrained future

The survey closes 5 June 2023.

You will also to the have the chance to enter the draw to win a $100 Westfield gift voucher.