GoGet carshare service arrives in Manningham

16 Nov 2022
Resilient Environment Doncaster

Manningham Council and carsharing service GoGet have launched an 18-month carshare trial.

Carsharing offers individuals the opportunity to access vehicles on demand for short periods of time. Once registered to GoGet, drivers can pay a fee to hire a vehicle for an hour, a day, or longer – with fuel, insurance, registration and maintenance all covered. 

There are eight carshare vehicles located at various locations in Doncaster Hill.

Manningham Mayor Cr Deirdre Diamante said carsharing can deliver significant health, economic, environmental and community benefits.

“We’re exploring new ways to evolve Manningham’s transport network and provide the community with more sustainable and affordable transport options,” she said.

“When people drive less and own fewer cars, we’ll see reduced traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and on-street parking demand.

“The GoGet trial will help us understand the demand and interest for carsharing in Manningham and inform our future transport planning,” Cr Diamante said.

*Seventy per cent of Manningham residents drive their car to work and more than 60 per cent of households have access to two or more vehicles, compared to 51 per cent in Greater Melbourne.

Council is currently developing its Climate Emergency Action Plan, which will include a broad range of climate mitigation actions that Council and the Manningham community can take. Manningham’s adopted climate mitigation targets are:

  • net zero emissions by 2028 for Council operations
  • net zero emissions by 2035 for the Manningham community

Community members can vote on the best ways for Manningham to achieve these goals by taking part in a poll available here: https://pol.is/22jxwtadzj

The poll closes on Sunday 20 November 2022.

**One carshare vehicle, in an on-street dedicated space, replaces 10 privately owned vehicles. This frees up nine vehicles worth of street space for the local community and reduces CO2 released from production and destruction of nine vehicles.

Carshare vehicles are also typically newer than the private car fleet, making them safer and more environmentally friendly.

Doncaster Hill was identified as an ideal location for the carsharing service given its:

  • accessibility
  • proximity to other transport modes
  • housing density
  • safety and general operation.

This initiative has been identified and guided by Council’s Liveable City Strategy 2021, Transport Action Plan 2021 and Doncaster Hill Modeshift Plan 2014.

For more information on the GoGet carsharing trial and to view vehicle locations, visit www.manningham.vic.gov.au/goget-carshare-trial.

Learn more about Manningham’s Climate Emergency Action Plan.


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**The Impact of Car Share Services in Australia (Phillip Boyle and Associates 2016)