Make a difference at Ruffey Lake Park this National Tree Day

4 Jul 2022
Resilient Environment

Return to Ruffey Lake Park to plant this National Tree Day. Join around 300,000 other Australians in coming together to give a gift to our environment.

Volunteers planted over 500 trees at Ruffey Lake Park during the last event in 2019, and we're preparing for another huge turn-out this year. We'll provide native trees, shrubs, tools and equipment for you, and a free sausage sizzle cooked by the Rotary Club of Doncaster.

“This event is one in which everyone can get involved to connect with nature and our local environment. For years to come, participants will walk through the park knowing they contributed to the beautiful plants around them”, said Mayor Cr Michelle Kleinert.

Plants are critical in tackling climate change, improving air, soil and water quality, and restoring habitats. Each year, National Tree Day contributes to the restoration of Ruffey Lake Park, which has been underway for over ten years. Previous plantings worked to develop the habitat with eucalypt trees and tall shrubs. This year, volunteers will plant indigenous shrubs and grasses to build the understory that is vital for smaller species such as lizards and skinks and remove toxins from the creek water.

“The main request we received during the development of the Ruffey Lake Landscape Masterplan was to add more trees. This year, we’ve planted 173 new climate-tolerant trees and hope to plant around 500 more plants as part of the National Tree Day event”, said Mayor Cr Kleinert.

The event is from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on 31 July 2022 at Ruffey Lake Park. 

To get there, enter through the Victoria Street entrance and walk down the path on the southern side of Ruffey Creek until you reach the footbridge over Roseland Grove Drain.

Registrations are required. Register here or at the event on the day.