Bulleen Park’s future uncertain

11 Dec 2019
Well Governed Council

The Planning Minister’s assessment of the North East Link (NEL) Environment Effects Statement (EES) is not clear about how the project will manage the impacts imposed on Bulleen Park.

The design of the NEL project at Bulleen Park impacts seven hectares of community parkland. Several options have been put forward by the North East Link Project (NELP) to reconfigure the area and accommodate its users.

“We acknowledge the Planning Minister wants the surrounding stakeholders to negotiate a reasonable outcome for Bulleen Park and he clearly supported the development of new parklands along Templestowe Road to replace lost facilities,” said Cr Paul McLeish, Manningham Mayor.

“Unfortunately Minister Wynne’s decision last week failed to determine the way forward on Bulleen Park.

“Our preference is Option 4 in the EES which seeks to protect the existing ovals, aeromodellors and archery land and clubs, retains the golf course within its existing footprint and replaces lost soccer facilities.

“Our core objective is to preserve and protect valuable community open space and parkland from being consumed by the expansion of the Freeway Golf Course.

“We are also encouraged the Planning Minister has recommended protecting open space for future use. We will continue to pursue this this through the Bulleen Land use Framework Plan,” Cr McLeish said.

Council tabled a closing submission at the Inquiry and Advisory Committee (IAC) Panel Hearings regarding land use at Bulleen Park. Council’s primary position is the design of the project at Bulleen Road needs to be reconsidered to avoid impacts on Bulleen Park and other nearby land uses.

Manningham is committed to ensuring Bulleen Park’s aero modelling and archery clubs are not displaced as a result of the expansion of a golf course. The nearest alternative aero modelling club is located 23 kilometres away from Bulleen Park and the closest archery club offers facilities that only operate on weekends, as opposed to the clubs’ current operations at seven days a week.

“We will continue to work with relevant stakeholders and our neighbouring Councils to advocate that Bulleen Park remains an open space for all the community to enjoy,” Cr McLeish said.