Work Commences on Stintons Road Roundabout

28 May 2014
Well Governed Council

Manningham Council has responded to community safety concerns and has commenced work on a roundabout at the intersection of Stintons and Tindals Road in Donvale. 

The works are part of $4.1 million of traffic and road improvement works being undertaken in the Tindals/Stintons road area of Donvale to reduce speed and traffic congestion, and improve safety and amenity.

Manningham Mayor Cr Jim Grivokotopoulos said local residents highlighted safety concerns about the T-intersection at Stintons Road and Tindals Road during community consultation for the development of Tindals Road in 2011.

“This intersection has operated as a standard T-Intersection where all traffic exiting Tindals Road is required to give way to all through traffic movements and all turning movements from Stintons Road.”

There have been four crashes involving casualties at this intersection over the five year period between 2007 and 2012.

“Roundabouts have proven to be very effective in limiting vehicle speeds and improving the safety of intersections that have a demonstrated crash history.”

“The revamped intersection will include a roundabout to better control  all traffic movements at the intersection, improve accessibility to and from Tindals Road and will address the significant traffic queue lengths that occur on the south western approach to the intersection.”

“Speeding was also identified as a safety issue on Stintons Road with 85th percentile speeds ranging between 63 kph and 80 kph. The installation of the roundabout will provide some level of speed control for traffic movements along Stintons Road,” he said.

The construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Tindals Road and Stintons Road commenced in mid April and the works are anticipated to be completed by the end of July 2014.

The $890,000 construction works include: 

  • Reconstruction and widening of road pavements on Tindals Road and Stintons Road approaches to provide additional turning lanes;
  • Construction of concrete kerb and channel, traffic islands and underground drainage;
  • Construction of a footpath on the northern side of Tindals Road;
  • Line-marking and associated signage;
  • Street lighting upgrade works
  • Construction of retaining walls to minimise impacts on abutting properties and landscaping works.

Cr Grivokostopoulos said traffic management will be in place for the duration of the works and Council will make every effort to minimise inconvenience to motorists and the general community.