Celebrating our volunteers at recognition program event

15 Jun 2022
Healthy Community

Last week, we wrapped up the 2022 Volunteer Recognition Program with a reception event in the Manningham Function Centre. Our Mayor recognised and thanked the 59 community-nominated volunteers, presenting each with a gift voucher.

“We had volunteers from 31 different organisations nominated! The breadth of volunteer opportunities available in Manningham is extensive. This program allowed us to find and recognise some amazing people who roll their sleeves up and get involved in these opportunities that support our community,” said Mayor Cr Michelle Kleinert.

We had 85 people join the event, including nominators, nominees and representatives from many volunteer organisations.

See the full list of program recipients:

Nominee Bio Organisation
Adrienne Callinan Adrienne is a volunteer coach with the Bulleen-Templestowe Basketball Club. She started coaching at 13 years old and is a Victorian Championship coach and Youth League assistant coach. Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Club
Allison Troth Allison volunteers for Destiny Rescue, an organisation that exists to rescue kids from sex trafficking and exploitation. She’s been involved in supporting children’s rights and works hard at advocating for children experiencing abuse. Destiny Rescue
Alyece Elliot Alyece has worked tirelessly for the Rotary Rummage Op Shop for over 16 years. She is always friendly, warm, courteous, and helpful to customers. Rotary Rummage Op Shop
Anna Ge Anna volunteers at the Doncaster Church of Christ. She mentors English Conversation Classes, for which she found ways to continue these throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns by moving the classes to Zoom. Doncaster Church of Christ
Anne Kumnick Anne has been a volunteer at the Rotary Community Opshop for nearly 20 years. In addition to her regular shift, Anne also helps on the weekend and at night when there are excess donations. Manningham Rotary Opshop
Barry Halpern Barry has become one of the most reliable committee members of the Doncaster RSL, especially when they need sausages cooked!  Doncaster RSL  
Brenda Humphreys Brenda is a tireless and highly respected member of the Pines Learning community. She began volunteering there in 1992 and continues now in her retirement.  Pines Learning
Carmen Chan For the last two years, Carmen has been Deputy Controller of Training and Members at the Manningham SES, where she’s been responsible for keeping our entire unit recruited, trained and engaged. SES Manningham Unit
Carolyn Vimpani Carolyn is the founder of REAL Inc, a not-for-profit organisation providing activities and opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities. She has coordinated the weekly REAL Programs since its inception. 
(REAL stands for Rights Employment Accommodation Leisure)
REAL Inc Rights Employment Accommodation Leisure
Christian Sharkey Christian has been a Scout Leader at the Wonga Park Scouts for over seven years. In addition to leading the Scouts weekly, he takes them on weekend camps, hikes and bike rides.  Wonga Park Scouts
Christine Templeton Chris volunteers for Operation Stitches. She’s opened her home to many at-risk young people, providing a place of safety and engagement. She’s an active person who has been reaching out to young people for over 20 years. Operation Stitches
Darryl Bishop Darryl volunteered with the Doncaster RSL and Doncaster Bowls Club. He’s organised the Duke of Edinburgh Bowls Teams at the Bowls Club, and his hard work always makes the details look easy.  Doncaster RSL and Doncaster Bowls
Denis Wheeler Denis is a regular volunteer in the Rotary Community Opshop and has been an active member of their staff for several years. Manningham Rotary Opshop
Denise Alexander Denise has worked in the Rotary Community Opshop for 20 years! She tirelessly cleans and restores all their jewellery donations. Manningham Rotary Opshop
Dennis Clarke Dennis is a Vietnam Veteran who has been committed to keeping the Doncaster RSL alive through many trying challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Doncaster RSL 
Despina Alleri Despina volunteers for several sporting clubs. She coaches two kids’ basketball teams, is on a junior football club committee, and always volunteers for school activities.  Bulleen Templestowe JFC, Yarra Eagles Basketball, Templestowe Heights Basketball
Dot Haynes Dot is the secretary at the Doncaster RSL, she is committed to helping and bringing positive change wherever she goes.  Doncaster RSL  
Samiel Siow Sam volunteers for Discovering Without Borders. He works closely with children who live in public housing or are from single-parent households, supporting them with homework clubs and after school activities. Discovering Without Borders
El Teptada El volunteers for Gateway Lighthouse SDA Church and led the community program to clean up the Zerbes Reserve in Doncaster East as part of the Clean Up Australia Day on 6 March 2022. Gateway Lighthouse SDA Church (Doncaster East)
Frank Johnston Frank volunteers with Manningham Interchurch Council. He’s always committing to difficult tasks and is always happy to help at Interchurch activities.   Manningham Interchurch Council
Gina Zammit Gina runs the school tuck-shop at St Kevin’s. She makes rosters, communicates with parents and always works with a smile. St Kevin’s
Gordon  Culbard Gordon is a valuable member of the Rotary Community Opshop team. He has been a volunteer for many years and assists wherever he is needed.  Rotary Community Opshop
Graham Cox Graham is a weekly volunteer in the Rotary Community Opshop for many years, assisting in sorting and pricing donations. Manningham Rotary Opshop
Grant Hamilton Grant has volunteered at MannaCare for five years. In that time, he’s done everything from gardening to working in the café and doing the laundry.  MannaCare
Gurpreet Miglani Gurpreet is the Coordinator of Auskick Doncaster. He’s also an AFL multi-cultural ambassador and a committee member of the Doncaster Junior Football Club.  Auskick Doncaster
Ian Walkenden Ian has been a leader with the Air League for many years, as well as taking on the role of Museum Curator at the Doncaster RSL Doncaster RSL  
Jackie Burton Jackie runs a Manningham transition home for people with disabilities. Assisting two people at a time for six months, Jackie helps prepare residents for independent living. Manningham Transition Home
Jacqui Mewburn Jacqui’s voluntary contributions at CareNet are greatly appreciated. She’s been generous with her time and hard work and is always up for a laugh.  Manningham Christian Centre - CareNet
Jan Roberts Jan has volunteered in the Rotary Community Opshop for nearly 20 years! She does a weekly shift, plus on the weekends and evening’s when they are busy with excessive donations. Manningham Rotary Opshop
Jimmy Lam Jimmy was nominated by Manningham General Practice. He volunteers with his local church and community. Over the lockdown periods, he ran a free online health series to help all people in need.  Manningham General Practice
Jingjing Qu Upon his retirement some years back, Jingjing started mentoring English conversation classes at Doncaster Church of Christ. Throughout the pandemic, he continued mentoring online via Zoom. Doncaster Church of Christ
Kathy Monley Kathy volunteers for Living and Learning at Ajani Inc. She uses her time and expertise to source donations for the Food Relief Pantry.  Living and Learning at Ajani Inc
Lina Italia Lina is passionate about looking after people, and sustainability. She volunteers at the Manningham Christian Centre (CareNET) multiple days a week, doing all manner of tasks. CareNET - Manningham Christian Centre
Liz Madden Liz is a retired Defence services member and works hard to help out at the Doncaster RSL, where she has taken on the role of Appeals Officer. Doncaster RSL  
Mahum Sana Mahum is the Section Leader of Training and Operations at the Manningham SES. During the NSW floods, he went on deployment, organised weekly training, and always goes above and beyond.  SES Manningham Unit
Malcolm Ferguson Malcolm does regular weekly shifts in the Manningham Rotary op shop and drives the truck for Doncare, picking up furniture donations. Manningham Rotary Opshop
Martha Clarke Martha is a workhorse and quiet overachiever at the Doncaster RSL! Her craft skills and creativity make everyone feel like they can achieve anything. Doncaster RSL  
Marty Channon Marty has been a volunteer with the SES for over 10 years. He is an inspirational Section and Crew Leader who is always committed and engaged.  SES Manningham Unit
Margaret Guy Margaret volunteers for CareNET. She joined the team about 6 months ago and has become an asset to the organisation with her hard work and dedication. Manningham Christian Centre - CareNet
Maryanne Kirk Maryanne is a regular volunteer in the Rotary Community Opshop. For many years, she’s supported the Rotary Club, assisting with local community projects. Manningham Rotary Opshop
Megan Templeton Megan runs the Donvale Dunkers Basketball Club, running programs to make basketball accessible for little kids and supporting coaches throughout the season. Donvale Dunkers Basketball Club
Mei Pang Mei is a volunteer at the Rotary Community Opshop. She has a particular affinity for bags and shoes. Her assistance always ensures they get good value for those donations.  Manningham Rotary Opshop
Milly Ching Milly has been a volunteer administrator at U3A for over 15 years! She has arranged instructors and timetables for over a thousand students.  U3A
Natalie Mander Natalie has been the volunteer President of Warrandyte Kindergarten, going above and beyond to ensure that the Kinder and its community are supported, safe, and connected through COVID-19. Warrandyte Kindergarten
Nga Kung Nga has volunteered tirelessly at the local Churches in Manningham as a children’s volunteer, giving families a safe place for their children to gather. Not Specified
Patrick Templeton Patrick volunteers with Operation Stitches. He is passionate about children and closing the gap in education for the marginalised. Patrick regularly volunteers, giving and serving families in need with resources, food and social engagement. Operation Stitches
Redaa Anshasy Redaa has volunteered for over 20 years, teaching Arabic at Sunday School. She has gone above and beyond, volunteering at the Doncaster Seniors Club.  Doncaster Seniors Club
Rosalee Davey Rosalee has volunteered her time and gardening efforts for more than three decades, removing shrubbery and weeds, pruning and preening and beautifying the Westerfolds. Not specified
Roslyn Gaylor Roslyn is a volunteer in the Manningham Rotary Community Opshop. She does several shifts per week and fills in whenever someone is sick or away. Manningham Rotary Opshop
Stephanie Martinez Stephanie is a founding member and current President of Manningham Rotaract Club. She was instrumental in developing the Connecting Mannningham Facebook page, which provided a wide range of online programs to support Club members during COVID-19. Manningham Rotaract
Steve Cuce Steve is a second-year member of the Manningham SES. He’s always putting himself forward as a trainer and Deputy Team Leader within the unit. This is on the back of being a new father! SES Manningham Unit
Steven Langley Steven volunteers at the Doncaster Church of Christ, mentoring English to students. His commitment is valued by the community and his students.  Doncaster Church of Christ
Sue Hudson Sue has been a volunteer in the Rotary Community op shop for many years. She volunteers each week and fills other shifts when required. Manningham Rotary Opshop
Suzanne Connelly Suzanne is a dedicated and hard-working president of the Parents and Friends committee at St Kevin’s. She works tirelessly to raise money for the school and ensure students are given the best opportunities to learn. St Kevin’s

Teck Chuan Ong

David volunteers in the Rotary Community Opshop two full days each week. David is a willing volunteer and is a valuable member of our volunteer group. Manningham Rotary Opshop
Trish Hargreaves Trish has been a volunteer at the Rotary Community Opshop for many years. She does three shifts per week and fills in at other times when needed.  Manningham Rotary Opshop
Vincent Ciardulli Vincent is the Unit Controller at SES Manningham. He’s hands-on and spends many hours being on call for the community and organising the unit.  SES Manningham Unit
John Robinson Over the past year, John volunteered his time and expertise to repair and improve the facilities at the Doncaster Tennis Club. Doncaster Tennis Club
Lou Hermann Lou volunteered his time and supplied materials to repair dilapidated benches at the Doncaster Tennis Club. Doncaster Tennis Club