Changes to dog on lead areas

2 Apr 2021
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Manningham Council has made changes to dog controls in the Warrandyte River Reserve to ensure dogs remain on lead near the Warrandyte Bridge including the recently upgraded Lions Park area.

The change has been introduced to support safety for residents and visitors to this area and those enjoying the newly upgraded community facilities within the reserve.

Dogs must be on lead within the newly designated on lead area, which is a 260 metre section of the Warrandyte River Reserve, between 183 Yarra Street and the Warrandyte Bridge.

The new on lead area is in accordance with Council’s resolution in September 2020, which introduced

Public notice - Manningham Council Order no
Public notice - Manningham Council Order no
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across Manningham. This order was introduced in line with the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

There are still sections within the Warrandyte River Reserve that are designated as off lead areas.

In Manningham, dogs are only permitted off lead in designated areas providing the dog is kept under control at all times. Dogs must be on lead within 15 metres of:

  • public barbecue facilities
  • children's play equipment
  • organised sporting events
  • approved community functions or public outdoor meetings.

There can be penalties for owners who let their dog off their lead in areas where it is not permitted.

It is important to note that dogs are not permitted within the Federation Playspace area of this reserve.

For more information, call 9840 9333.

Warrandyte River Reserve - dog on and off lead areas


Aerial image of the Warrandyte River Reserve with shading showing dog on lead and dog off lead areas


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