Community Grants to Support Manningham

29 Oct 2014
Vibrant and Prosperous Economy

Manningham Council has endorsed the funding recommendations of the Assessment Panel for the 2014/15 Community Development Grant Program with ten community projects and programs receiving funding.

Council allocated $220,000 to Community Development Grant Program in 2014-15, with the distribution of funding determined by an independent Assessment Panel made up of community leaders.

Initially it was proposed that $100,000 be allocated for Community Development Grants and $120,000 for the monthly Small Grants.

However after the assessing the applications, the panel recommended that the un-allocated $24,022.80 from the Community Development Grants funding budget should be re-directed to the Small Grants program.

The Community Development Grants Program is offered annually to support non-profit community organisations in Manningham to develop and deliver projects, programs and events which benefit, enhance and meet the needs of the community.

Once again the Community Development Grant Program saw a diverse range of applications seeking funding that included community services, social welfare, arts and cultural, access, health, recreation and youth programs.