Council Endorses Fourth NSP

29 Oct 2014
Resilient Environment

In preparation for the 2014/15 fire season, Manningham Council has endorsed the designation of the new Warrandyte Pavilion as the city’s fourth Neighbourhood Safer Place (NSP).

The previous Warrandyte Reserve pavilion building was originally designated as an NSP on 17 February 2010 but due to the planned redevelopment of the site, the old building was decommissioned for the 2013/14 fire season.

With the opening of the stunning new Warrandyte Reserve pavilion in 25 July 2014 the site has been reassessed and deemed compliant for being designated as an NSP for the 2014/15 fire season.

Neighbourhood Safer Places are municipal designated buildings that are a place of last resort in bushfire emergencies.

While they may afford some protection from direct flame and radiant heat during a bushfire, they are only provided to assist people with provision of last resort shelter, when there is imminent threat of bushfire and their other planned options have failed.

It is Council’s role to identify, designate and maintain Neighbourhood Safer Places and they are put through a defined assessment and designation process that requires both municipal and CFA assessment prior to their designation as an NSP.

Other NSP’s in Manningham are at:

  • Wonga Park Primary School, 41 Dudley Road, Wonga Park
  • Warrandyte Senior Citizens Club, 8 Taroona Ave, Warrandyte
  • Domeney Recreation Centre, 24-52 Knees Road, Park Orchards