Council expands renewable energy contract

29 Apr 2022
Resilient Environment
Man placing a solar panel on a roof

Manningham Council endorsed expansion of renewable wind power to key buildings.
In May 2021, as a member of the 47-council strong Victorian Energy Collaboration (VECO), we signed a contract with Red Energy to supply wind-powered electricity to four Council buildings.
After analysis of current contracts, we have the potential to grow our emissions reduction from 25 per cent to 65 per cent by expanding the contract.
“Our draft Climate Action Plan calls for the community to take action on climate change. This program shows our commitment to the Action Plan by seeking renewables for our power needs.”
“Accessing renewable energy through the contract not only will reduce our emissions but also provides a financial benefit as the contract is considerably less than existing contract prices,” said Mayor Cr Michelle Kleinert.
The contract with Red Energy is called a renewable energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This PPA was the catalyst for adding two windfarms to the Victorian electricity grid. In doing so, this PPA contributes to reduce the carbon intensity of Victoria’s electricity supply.
The two windfarms are located 23 kms northeast of Mortlake (Moyne Shire) and 25 kms north of Horsham (Yarriambiack Shire). The farms have 80 and 38 turbines respectively generating over 2000GWh annually.
Along with the power generated from the wind farms the PPA will also draw power from the fleet of Snowy Hydro (parent Company) renewable energy generators, as required. 
To provide your feedback about the draft Climate Action Plan, visit