Doncaster Rail and Bus Rapid Transit system needed for Manningham

2 Jul 2019
Well Governed Council

The Victorian Government must cater for future growth by delivering a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system and Doncaster Rail.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Paula Piccinini said demand for bus services between Manningham and the CBD had grown significantly and patronage was expected to rise.

“Overcrowding and delays are a daily occurrence when travelling on the busy bus corridor from Doncaster Road to the CBD and it’s only getting worse,” she said.

The reliability and frequency of public transport from Manningham to the CBD is compromised by increased traffic congestion on local roads and the freeway network.

“While we welcome the Doncaster Busway as part of the North East Link (NEL), a Bus Rapid Transit system with dedicated bus priority lanes from Manningham to the CBD must be incorporated.”

The NEL Environment Effects Statement (EES) does not provide any improvements to the western end of the Eastern Freeway and Hoddle Street interchange.

“Any time savings from the new Busway would be lost once a bus enters congestion at Hoddle Street. The Busway must be part of an improved end-to-end public transport system for the region and not considered an independent public transport feature.

“In addition, the Busway must be designed so it can transition to heavy rail, for the delivery of Doncaster Rail in the future.

“Our city needs a rail connection to the CBD to ease traffic gridlock and provide a sustainable transport option in the area.

“The NEL EES claims the Busway will not prevent the future provision of Doncaster Rail. We need a guarantee that the provision for Doncaster Rail will be maintained.

“We will continue to advocate for this provision, to ensure the best possible outcome for our community.”

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