Doncaster Railway Station a welcome connection

20 Sep 2019
Well Governed Council

Manningham Council has welcomed the proposed Doncaster Rail Station as part of the Victorian Government’s Suburban Rail Loop.

The Suburban Rail Loop is a proposed underground orbital rail link that will connect Melbourne’s middle suburbs from Cheltenham all the way through to Werribee. 

Manningham Mayor, Cr Paula Piccinini said a Doncaster Station would deliver a crucial public transport link to the municipality that is currently only serviced by buses.

“We hope the Andrews Government will reconsider the proposed staging to ensure Doncaster Station is included in the first phase of construction of the Suburban Rail Loop.”

“The Doncaster Station will provide a critical rail connection to surrounding suburbs and the CBD, reducing traffic gridlock and delivering a sustainable transport option for Manningham.

“We recognise 125,000 people in Manningham will benefit from a Doncaster Railway Station. Currently their only public transport option is the over-crowded bus network that is often delayed by traffic congestion.  

“A heavy rail public transport connection to Doncaster will provide important links to employment, health and universities in Melbourne’s south-east, where many of our residents work and study.

“With Doncaster Hill continuing to grow, we recommend a site for the Doncaster Station is snapped up now, while the land it is still available.

“We have been working with stakeholders to determine suitable locations for the underground Doncaster Hill train station.

“We’re keen to continue to work with the Victorian Government to secure a site for a future Doncaster Station” Cr Piccinini said.

Car ownership per household in Manningham is considerably high. Residents have a lower rate of public transport use for daily travel for employment purposes than the metropolitan average. This is a result of Manningham being the only municipality in Metropolitan Melbourne without a tram or heavy rain line.  

“We have long supported the need for a heavy rail line to Manningham. We want less roads and more public transport solutions for Manningham,” Cr Piccinini said.